– Devised and performed by Xavier de Sousa

Lighthouse, Poole's Centre For The Arts


Saturday 27 April
8pm (The Sherling Studio)
Tickets: £12
Discounts: U18s, Students, Seniors, ATL

Tickets & information 01202 280000

Booking Fees: Prices quoted are for tickets booked in person at the Ticket Office. Tickets booked by telephone or online are subject to a booking fee of up to £1.75 per ticket


Following a series of well-received performances around the UK and Europe, POST, a solo theatre show with a difference from Xavier de Sousa, plays Lighthouse, Poole’s centre for the arts, on Saturday 27 April.

What makes POST distinctive as a solo piece is that Xavier invites his audience to join him at his kitchen table. Served with traditional Portuguese food and potent Cachaça, one can potentially get merry, make new friends and challenge and examine what exactly makes a ‘nation’.

The food is prepared by Xavier de Sousa every night and is a traditional rural Portuguese recipe called Caldo Verde (Green Broth, or Kale Soup), a warm, tender and inviting soup with deep roots in one of the poorest areas of the country: Minho. Made with kale and potatoes originally from the North West regions of the country, the recipe spread across Portugal as young migrants descended upon the country to find new jobs and ways of living.

Today you can all eat Portugal’s national dish.

Also on the menu is Cachaça, a potent but sweet Brazilian spirit which is perfect to whet your appetite in time for the soup. The origins of the drink date back to the 1500s, during Portugal’s colonisation of Brazil, and is today the most popular national drink.

Exploring national identity as both a theme and theatrical device, the mixing of cultures, experiences and outlooks are key. Xavier plays host, genially bringing these subjects quite literally, to the table while encouraging his audience to enjoy the delicious Portuguese fare on offer.

POST is an Extra-Live show, part of a new movement in theatre that embraces inclusivity by discarding the usual rules of theatre etiquette. This presents an exciting opportunity for venues to reach out to new audiences who currently find theatres intimidating.

Xavier de Sousa is an independent performance maker, curator and producer. His performance practice explores personal and political heritage within the context of mainstream discourse on national identity, belonging and migration.



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