Get Fresh, Eat Well, Shop Local

What a wonderful time to be a food lover in Dorset!  We’ve come so far since food was just fuel, and there is plenty to cater to the tastes of our blossoming new hobby.  Will we kick out football as the nation’s favourite game..?  Be it ‘food porn’ succeeding the swathe of selfie obsessions, or terms like ‘food envy’, ‘hug food’, and ‘clean eating’ becoming common conversation, there’s more on the tip of our tongue than that savoured speck of nostalgic branded chocolate.


Artisan producers bring it home, do us proud, and are ready to roll with the punches while those big brands are confined to the way things have always been.  Reacting to our interests in new flavours, lower sugar, no gluten, ethically sourced ingredients; it’s hard for the big guys, but it’s where our small businesses thrive.  Try CHOCOCO if you’re ready to try a new mainstream chocolate brand; they use quality cocoa paired with local ingredients, with new flavours to keep you interested all year.  Better bread is back in our basket now we understand healthier grains, shun preservative-packed starchy sliced packs, and value the craft in creating real loaves.  We appreciate the plight of farmers and want local milk and wonky veg, and we believe that because we choose free range eggs the big producers using egg as an ingredient now do the same too… right..?  And the chicken meat we eat must have an outdoorsy life to match too, maybe..?


The fact is that our hunger for information is gradually improving our overall diet, as we make more informed choices, and increasingly choose naturally fresher, locally made goods that inadvertently have better nutritional qualities.  That local milk means pasture-fed cows that turn the omega-3 in grass into a digestible addition to our dairy consumption – you wouldn’t find that from a grain-fed, profit-driven bulk batch herd.  Meat from animals allowed to live longer and allowed active time outdoors means more satisfying meals with higher protein and lower fat content per portion on our plate.  And, where organic vegetables means a hefty price tag in most supermarkets, locally grown fresh produce is often grown organically, or entirely pesticide-free, but just without the expense of certificates and logos.  You’ll get better flavour and better vitamin + mineral content, plus adding a feel-good-factor to what you’re cooking up usually means you’re more likely to create a healthily balanced meal.


With so much available within the core Dorset larder, it truly is time to eat better, easily.  Try FOOD ASSEMBLY or your local FARM SHOP to connect with what’s available on your doorstep, and if something is not available, do ask about it on local forums because one of your neighbours may have tried it from over the border, or you could realise a new opportunity and bring about a new small business for yourself or another keen creator.  It’s an exciting adventure so come one, come all, let us eat (and drink!) and shout and share, support small business, and boost our local economy, …life is too short to consume boring food.

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Our Corporate Partners support the day to day running of Dorset Food Network and the services we offer. They are also available to provide support to our members.


Dorset Food Network proudly supports two local charities. Both charities provide much needed services in the local area and without public support and fund-raising would not be able to do what they do. We are so pleased that we are able to help raise awareness for such worthy causes.