The Atom Club

A Not-For-Profit Science and Coding Club
Help us inspire the next generation of coders and scientists with a fun programme of games, experiments and projects.

Launched on the same day as UK Astronaut Tim Peake (15th Dec 2015) launched into space for the Principia mission. The Atom Club shares some of the same objectives – to inspire children into science. While we also have a focus on coding, we will also utilise space as our motivator.

Inspiring Tomorrow’s Adults
The Atom Club was built on a vision- a vision to enable, nurture and inspire the potential of today’s young people to be incredible adults of the future. A visit to us is more than a few hours out of the house or school- we want to be the spark that lights their creative fire.

The STEM subjects- Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths has never been more important or relevant because it forms the fundamental basis of the world in the future. We live in a digital age- with technology and engineering at its forefront.

However, it’s all too common when you hear about these subject to think of it as boring (especially maths). But it doesn’t have to be. Here at the Atom Club, we’re not boring….

Learning is Fun
If a young person does something they enjoy, they are more likely to remember it in the future. And we make it fun!

It starts when you walk into our purpose-designed Dorset Science & Technology Centre. Our dazzling displays arouse the curiosity. Our fun sessions led by our lively and engaging team mean it’s a day to remember in more ways than one- the aim is to encourage young people to kick-start a brand new adventure into the future.

Science is Superb
All of our science sessions are designed to be lively and fun- and can be done at home! The idea is to inspire logic, encourage a thirst for knowledge and are presented in a format that’s engaging and memorable. Among our various exhibits and features, we have our very own Planetarium!

Technology is Terrific
Our Technology zone allows young people to be hands-on in learning the things that will be part of tomorrow’s world. You see, coding can be long and monotonous- but not here at the Atom Club. We encourage people to learn in an environment that encourages participation and promotes knowledge in vital skills for the future.

Engineering is Exciting
Many a young person has seen various machines and wondered how they work- well, wonder no more. The Atom Club encourages participation in engineering through robotics. We offer sessions that encourage young people to build their own ant-weight robot and battle it in the arena- although everyone can join in with our pre-made robots too.

Maths is Marvellous
Yes, we really did say that. While we don’t do maths lessons, a big part of the sessions we do involve an element of maths. So, because the sessions we offer are marvellous fun, young people are engaging with an often much-maligned subject and will be enjoying it.

A Day to Remember
You’d be surprised to hear that education can be fun- but it really is with a visit to the Dorset Science and Technology Centre. On top of the many different things to do, we’ll provide all the things needed to extend the young person’s journey beyond their visit to us with online guides and videos.

Tomorrow’s Future Starts Today.


Dorset Science & Tech Centre Sturminster Newton Dorset DT10 2AD United Kingdom

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